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UK Cereal Demand Graphs

UK Cereal Demand Graphs
UK Chick Placings  
Commercial Broiler Chick Placings Graph
Commercial Layer Chick Placings Graph
Turkey Poult Placings Graph
Female Broiler Parent Chick Placings Graph
UK Poultry Slaughter  
Broilers Graph
Boiling Fowl Graph
Turkeys Graph
Integrated Poultry Unit  
Wheat Use Graph
Barley Use Graph
Other Grain Use Graph
Total Grain Use Graph
Broiler Chicken Compounds Graph
Turkey Compounds Graph
Layers Compounds Graph
Poultry Breeding & Rearing Compounds Graph
Total Production Graph
GB Compound Feed Production  
Cattle & Calf Feed Graph
Pig Feed Graph
Poultry Feed Graph
Sheep Feed Graph
Horse Feed Graph
Other Compounds Blends and Concentrates Graph
Total Compounds Blends And Concentrates Graph
Total Of All Feedingstuffs Graph
Raw Materials Used for Compound Feed Production  
Wheat Graph
Barley Graph
Oats Graph
Whole & Flaked Maize Graph
Rice Bran Extractions Graph
Maize Gluten Feed Graph
Wheat Feed Graph
Other Cereal By-Products Graph
Distillery By-Products Graph
Total Cereals By-Products Graph
Whole Oilseeds Graph
Oilseed Rape Cake and Meal Graph
Soya Cake And Meal Graph
Sunflower Cake And Meal Graph
Other Oilseed Cake And Meal Graph
Field Beans Graph
Field Peas Graph
Dried Sugar Beet Pulp Graph
Molasses Graph
Citrus And Other Fruit Pulp Graph
Poultry Meal Graph
Other Meal Graph
Fishmeal Graph
Minerals Graph
Oil And Fat Graph
Protein Concentrates Graph
Other Materials Graph
Confectionary By-Products Graph
Total Used Graph
UK Cereal Usage by Brewers, Maltsters & Distillers  
Barley Use Graph
Barley Used For Malting Graph
Barley Used As A Straight For Brewing / Distilling Graph
Sales Of Barley And Barley Screenings Graph
Closing Stocks Of Barley Graph
Wheat Usage Graph
Closing Stocks Of Wheat Graph
UK Wheat Milled & Flour Production  
Total Wheat Milled Graph
Home-Grown Wheat Milled Graph
Imported Wheat Milled Graph
Home-Grown Wheat In Grist (%) Graph
Home-Grown Wheat Closing Stocks Graph
Imported Wheat Closing Stocks Graph
Total Flour Produced Graph
Total Bread Making Flour Graph
White Bread Flour Graph
Brown Bread Flour Graph
Wholemeal Bread Flour Graph
Biscuit Flour Graph
Cake Flour Graph
Household Flour Graph
Food Ingredients Flour Graph
Other Flour Graph
Flour Closing Stocks Graph
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