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Import & Export Data

Trade data for the UK from HM Customs & Excise. All files are excel files less than 1Mb.

Import & Export Data Data type
Imports Exports
Barley Data Data
Broad Bean   Data
Coconut Oil Data  
Cottonseed Oil Data  
Cottonseed Data  
Durum Wheat Data Data
Feed Ingredients 11-12 Data  
Feed Ingredients 10-11 Data  
Flour Data Data
Linseed Cake Data Data
Linseed Data Data
Maize Data Data
Malt Data Data
Oats Data Data
Palm Kernel Data Data
Palm Oil Data  
Peas   Data
Rapeseed Cake Data Data
Rapeseed Oil Data Data
Rapeseed Data Data
Rye Data Data
Sorghum Data Data
Soybeans Data  
Soybean Meal Data  
Soybean Oil Data  
Starch Data  
Sunflower Cake Data  
Sunflower Oil Data  
Sunflower Seed Data  
Wheat Data Data