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About the demo version

Text highlighted in green represents links available in the full Market Data Centre at marketdata.hgca.com.

Blue text represents links to data or graphs. The data provided is a sample of the full data that is available in the Market Data Centre once registered. This data is not updated. To obtain updated information, as well as comprehensive historical figures, please register your email address.

To register your email address and access the complete Market Data Centre, click here.

Disclaimer: Please note that the data on these pages may not be up to date. It is compiled by the HGCA from a number of external sources, and as such, may contain errors.

Physical Cereal Price Graphs Currency
$ /t €/t
UK Corn Returns Prices Graph  
UK Bread wheat Import Parity Graph Graph
Imported French Maize & UK Feed Wheat Graph Graph
Continental Barley Prices Graph Graph
Continental Wheat Prices Graph Graph
World High Quality Wheat Prices Graph Graph
World Medium Quality Wheat Prices Graph Graph
World Soft Wheat Prices Graph Graph
World Feed Grain Prices Graph Graph
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